Visions for the Future



With the localisation of all cancer services in Ireland into just eight centres, there will be a major change in how these services are provided to the Midlands, as there is no centre in this region. Because of this, we see a major role for the Cuisle Centre in the following areas:



1) Support for patients and their relatives; both psychological and physical. As the service is the new centre is provided by a specialist, our patients can have a lot of their physical/psychological problems dealt with locally rather than travelling long distances to the major centres.


2) A strong link will be established between The Cuisle Centre and the eight other cancer centres. With some staff (nurses and surgeons) visiting the centre is required.


3) Educational, public lectures on preventative health topics are to be provided by the centre.


4) New services to be provided; ie. Family Risk Advice. As the service develops.


5) Breast check will located and operated at The Cuisle Centre from September '09. We see this as an ideal opportunity for people attending breast check to visit our centre and inform any relatives and friends of the services we provide.



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