Reflexology is a specialised form of foot and hand massage that is related to the Chinese practice of acupressure. Many people report that reflexology helps reduce tension and pain, and may be able to help with some symptoms of advanced cancer and improve energy levels, and generally improve well-being.

(Kay Coleman - Dip in Reflexology)




Massage is one of the oldest therapies in existence. Everyone knows touch can relieve pain and distress. It is a form of structured or therapeutic touch which can be used to relax, to relieve muscle tension and pain. It also brings comfort through contact with another human being.

(Mary Ruddy - Dip in Holistic Massage; Ellen Carey - Dip in Holistic Massage, Dip in Body Massage)




Acupuncture is the placing of special sterile needles to affect energy points below the skin. A number of scientific studies have shown that acupuncture can help in pain relief.

(Alison Wellwood - Licentiate in Acupunture, MsC(Hons) in Physiotherapy)



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