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Marble Restoration includes…



Grinding is a process where unevenly laid floors ( lippage) can be evened out to create an even floor. This involves the use of diamond discs used with a weighted machine and depending on the amount of lippage to be removed, there are different grades of discs, from rough down to very smooth. This process leaves a very even floor.

Scratch Removal

This is a similar process to above, depending on the depth of scratch to be removed. The depth of scratch will determine which grade of disc to be used.


This is a method we use to polish marble that has gone dull from wear and tear or from using wrong detergents, when cleaning. This brings the marble back to the level of shine that the marble was at, when first laid, or to the level the customer requires. Crystallising also seals the marble, and can be walked on almost immediately, no having to wait for three to four hours for the floor to dry after using a normal sealer. (More cost effective.)

This type of polishing does not require the use of powder or granules, so no dust or mess, very clean process.



Products and Aftercare



PH 6.5 and upwards products can be used on any type of material

PH 6.5 and below products cannot be used on natural products


Sealer - Waterproofing for indoor use (Ph 8.0 - 9.0)

We use water based penetrating sealers that are easier to apply than most other sealers that are oil based. These sealers do not alter the appearance of the tile and are colourless and easy to apply. It provides protection and good resistance to wear. Our sealers will not block the pores like some sealers and waxes do, and allow the marble to breath.

stain remover

Stain Remover (Ph 12.5)

This product is for removing stains from marble, granite or terrazzo surfaces. It is highly effective on difficult stains caused by: coffee, wine, soft drinks, oil, juices and more.

Effectively removes stains that have penetrated the material, and would be difficult to remove using normal maintenance products.

cleaner for marble and granite

Cleaner for Marble & Granite (Ph 6.5)

This is a low- residue neutral detergent for washing floors without rinsing. It evaporates quickly, guaranteeing quick, effective cleaning without leaving marks on the surface. It is perfumed with a fresh hint of flowers. This product washes without harming the layers of wax or sealer.

porcelain cleaner

Porcelain Cleaner (Ph 6.7)

This product is designed for effectively cleaning and maintaining porcelain stoneware. It brings out the shine and leaves a pleasant fragrance. It is a low-residue neutral detergent for washing stoneware, especially when polished, without the need for rincing.

universal cleaner

Universal Cleaner (Ph 12.5)

Detergent-degreasing product for cleaning all kind of stone, floor and wall. Ideal for removing organic material of all kinds absorbed in ceramics, enabling such material to be removed with water. It does not alter the colour or composition. Also recommended for routine maintenance.

stone cleaner

Stone Cleaner (Ph 1.2)

This product is suitable for cleaning stone, roof tiles, brick, porcelain ( not polished ) patios etc. It removes stains caused by cement, lime and environmental pollution ( fumes, steam, etc.) It does not contain abrasive or other agents that could attack the stone.

grout cleaner

Grout Cleaner (Ph 1.5)

This product is especially formulated for descaling and cleaning all types of residue from grout joints quickly and efficiently. It removes dirt cleanly and easily from baths, kitchens and bathrooms without harming the surfaces. The GROUT CLEANER should only be used stoneware, porcelain, ceramics and baked clay,i.e. in acid- resistant materials.

germicidal fungicidal cleaner

Germicidal-Fungicidal Cleaner (Ph 7.5 - 8.0)

Bioactive, bacterial cleaning product that prevents the appearance of vegetation and fungi. It may be used as a disinfectant and hygienic germicide in changing rooms, swimming pools. It effectively removes mildew,moss, algae and lichens from materials such as natural stone, synthetic stone, bricks and terracotta. It may be used to clean green deposits in swimming pools and ponds.

anti bloom kit

Anti Bloom Kit (Ph 0 - 1.0)

The combination of CLEANER and PROTECTOR provides an effective treatment to clean and protect floors, walls of exposed brick, concrete etc when they are affected by white salts. The CLEANER will remove the white stains of the salt. The subsequent application of the PROTECTOR prevents the salt from coming to the surface.

anti graffiti protector

Anti-Graffiti Protector (Ph 8.0)

This product is formulated for the protection of porous surface against graffiti and paint. After application, the product creates a film that ensures effective, lasting protection.

waxes for porous and non-porous surfaces

Waxes for Porous & Non Porous Surfaces (Ph 8.0 - 9.0)

The wax, resin and natural oil-based product penetrates deep into the of the tile. It brings out the natural colour of the floor, giving it a silky shine that canbe polished, and prevents slipping. A long-lasting self-shining polish, with excellent resistance to wear and an optimum shine.


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