Refurbishment of Marble Porcelain Ceramics

Our 10 Point Plan

  1. Condition of floor evaluated.
  2. Shine levels metered.
  3. Different solutions discussed.
  4. Pricing explained.
  5. Agreed date for job start.
  6. Punctuality assured.
  7. All other surfaces protected.
  8. Satisfaction guaranteed.
  9. Maintenance schedule provided.
  10. Aftercare service and products available.


You paid for it. Now protect it!

Have Your Marble Floor and Tiled Surfaces Restored to their Original Shine and Glory.

tile cleaning and maintenance

Eugene Tynan, Managing Director

"I have been involved in the tiling market for the past 15 years and have been supplying tile shops, tillers and multi nationals with Adhesives, Tools and Chemicals. The chemicals I use are manufactured in Spain, and with approximately 80% of tiles imported into Ireland coming from Spain, so this company knows the substance of these tiles. The products I use have been tested in real conditions, obtaining a high-quality, reliable range, that provides solutions to problems that may arise from finishes from construction or D-I-Y jobs.

These products can be used for cleaning, protecting and conserving all types of tiles, are safe and easy to apply and are environmentally friendly.

Using the appropriate product for each type of material ensures a perfect, professional finish. We can also remove any lippage or scratches from marble tiles. And if your marble has lost its shine we can bring your floor back to its former glory with crystallising, which seals your floor along with giving it back its shine. We are based in the Midlands but offer a nationwide service. Distance is no object."

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